WPDK  1.5.0
WordPress Development Kit
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Developing WordPress plugins and themes in a productive, solid form that is also easy to maintain, is one of the goals (dreams) of every WordPress developer.

For this reason, wpXtreme team has created a PHP framework that makes this goal more easy to achieve. This framework is called WPDK, an acronym for WordPress Development Kit. It is substantially a collection of objects expressly created to allow developer to focus the idea, instead of the environment in which the idea has to be manifested.

Through its object oriented infrastructure, WPDK encapsulates many aspects of developing a WordPress plugin or theme, and automatically performs tasks that in general are always demanded to the right approach of a developer.

For example, in creating the main object that contains the basic infrastructure of your plugin, using WPDK you can simply extends the WPDKWordPressPlugin object, and with this simple action you will have a great series of advantages, including:

  • The immediate availability of your plugin data, like name, version and textdomain.
  • The immediate availability of useful paths related to your plugin, like the plugin folder, the plugin main file name, ecc.
  • The automatic creation of hooks to WordPress filters related to activation, loading and deactivation of the plugin.
  • A clear flow distinction between code executed in WordPress admin area, and WordPress front end. In this way, you can quickly and easily insert your code in the right place, thus increasing readability, and plugin performance.

But you have also a great number of useful extensions for your develop: an enhanced database handling, an infrastructure to handle plugin specific configuration, many helpers on array, date and time, crypting, a powerful and dynamic way to create HTML forms and sections for a better user experience, and so on.

You can get all documentation you need about WPDK framework through your PHP IDE ( all source code is documented in PHPDoc format compatible with the Doxygen tool ), or navigating this documentation.