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WordPress Development Kit
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WPDK Documentation

Welcome to the official documentation of WPDK.

WPDK is the acronym of WordPress Development Kit. It is a PHP framework written for WordPress environment, that improves WordPress kernel and enhances its base functions and classes. The primary goal of WPDK is to make productive, solid and easy to maintain the creation and the evolution of your plugins and themes.

If you want to read an overview of WPDK and its purpose, please click here.

If you want to see examples and how-to about WPDK in action, please click here.

These are the main features of WPDK:

  • Completely object oriented - read more
  • MVC pattern compliant - read more
  • Graphic Controls that are easy to use and customize - read more
  • Internal help and documentation in PHPDoc format compatible to Doxygen syntax - read more
  • Availability of tons of useful classes and helpers for enhancing your WordPress creations - read more
  • Autoloading internal infrastructure of the sole PHP source code involved in the single HTTP transaction - read more

Using WPDK framework in your WordPress creations, these are the main advantages and facilities you will have:

  • Your WordPress develop becomes easier, thanks to the evergrowing WordPress objects that WPDK makes immediately available for you: quick generation of a plugin infrastructure, shortcodes manipulation, filesystem and datetime helpers, ecc.
  • Your WordPress develop becomes productive, because you stop writing the same source code for the same purpose in your WordPress creations. Basic infrastructures for developing plugins and themes for WordPress are embedded into WPDK, and thus immediately available to you in any creation you develop.
  • Your WordPress develop becomes more solid, thanks to internal structure of WPDK: using your preferred IDE ( PHPStorm, Eclipse, Netbeans, ecc. ), the object oriented pattern of WPDK allows smart intellisense, and the internal documentation written in PHPDoc format allows you full and direct help inline during develop.
  • Your WordPress develop becomes enjoyable, because of the improving of WordPress UI, that makes pleasant the user experience of your WordPress creations. But especially because you can quickly get efficient and powerful results. See the WPDK how to for demos, or take a look to wpXtreme plugins, all developed using the WPDK technology.
  • Your WordPress creations becomes easy to maintain, thanks to object oriented internal infrastructure, and MVC pattern compatibility. Encapsulation, inheritance, physical separation between model and view in your develop approach: all these facts make clearer, more readable and easier to maintain all your WordPress creations.
  • Your WordPress creations become up to 50% faster, thanks to the WPDK autoloading technology: you can load, parse and execute the sole PHP source code necessary to fulfil the HTTP request incoming from client. Any other WPDK PHP source code that is not involved in the HTTP transaction is simply not loaded at all, thus dramatically increasing the speed of loading and execution of your code.